Forensic Medical Evaluation Group (FMEG)

Service Description

The Boston University Forensic Medical Evaluation Group (FMEG) is a service for asylum seekers and others requiring documentation of prior ill-treatment. This innovative program is part of the Department of Medicine, the School of Public Health, and Global Lawyers and Physicians. It was cofounded in 2012 and is co-directed by Sondra Crosby and Elizabeth Rourke. FMEG offers evaluation and documentation of physical and psychological evidence of torture and abuse in a supportive and collaborative environment while working closely with attorneys. In addition to performing medical evaluations, FMEG is actively involved in academic work, including scholarly publications and advancing the field of torture documentation. FMEG teaches students (medical, law, and public health), nurses, medical residents, physicians, lawyers, and judges.

Mission Statement

The Boston University Forensic Medical Evaluation Group’s mission is to: provide independent forensic medical evaluations that are consistent with international best practices; increase accountability to perpetrators through documentation; and to further prevent future ill-treatment, therefore improving the public health. The FMEG places great value and emphasis on raising the level of quality, professionalism and standards in forensic medical evaluation in the United States.

Referral Process

If you are an asylum seeker:

  • Referral from self or lawyer
  • Once a referral has been initiated: Your lawyer will provide our clinical team with a statement that describes why you are seeking asylum, type of health insurance, and your BMC Medical Record Number.
    • If you do not have a BMC medical record number, please call BMC registration at 617-414-5780.
    • If you do not have health insurance, you can enroll by going to the Patient Financial Services Department in Shapiro in 3C.
  • After the referral has been initiated: You will come to the Boston Medical Center Adult Primary Care Clinic and meet with the Forensics Medical & Evaluation team.
  • Our clinical team will complete medical and psychological assessments & document any physical trauma such as scars by using diagrams and photographs.
  • If you are a detainee in detention/custody or a lawyer assisting someone in detention/custody:
    • BMC Forensics Medical & Evaluation Group assists individuals in custody/detention through the asylum process & varies with each specific case.

Contact Information


The FMEG program coordinator can be contacted at


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