Global Lawyers and Physicians (GLP) is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization that Focuses on Health and Human Rights Issues.

Global Lawyers and Physicians was founded in 1996 at an international symposium on health at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Nuremberg Doctors Trial. As one of the earliest and most important health and human rights documents, the Nuremberg Code was developed by lawyers and physicians working together. GLP was formed to reinvigorate the collaboration of the legal and medical/public health professions to protect the human rights and dignity of all persons. Lawyers and physicians, by virtue of their privileged position and their commitment to life, health, social justice and equality, have special obligations to all people. GLP was founded on the premise that these professions, working together transnationally, can be a much more effective force for human rights than either profession can working separately.


George Annas, JD, MPH

William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights of Boston University School of Public Health, and Professor in the Boston University School of Medicine, and School of Law. He is the cofounder of Global Lawyers and Physicians, a transnational professional association of lawyers and physicians working together to promote human rights and health.
George Annas is the author or editor of a dozen books on health law and ethics, including:American Bioethics: Crossing Human Rights and Health Law Boundaries, The Rights of Patients, Judging Medicine, Standard of Care,Some Choice, and writes the “Legal Issues in Medicine” feature in the New England Journal of Medicine. He is a fellow of themerican Association for the Advancement of Science, a member of the Institute of Medicine, co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Medical Practice and Medical Research (Science and Technology Section), and an honorary fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine. Professor Annas has held a variety of regulatory positions including vice-chair of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine and chair of the Massachusetts Organ Transplant Task Force.

Michael Grodin, MD

Professor of Health Law, Ethics and Human Rights, Boston University School of Public Health, Professor of Psychiatry, Socio-Medical Sciences and Community Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine.

Michael Grodin is the Medical Ethicist at Boston Medical Center, and has served as the Human Studies Chairman for the Department of Health and Hospitals of the City of Boston. Dr. Grodin is a consultant to the National Human Subjects Protection Review Panel of the National Institutes of Health AIDS Program Advisory Committee, and is a consultant on Ethics and Research with Human Subjects for the International Organizations of Medical Sciences and and the World Health Organization. Dr. Grodin is currently the director of the Project on Medicine and the Holocaust through the Boston University School of Public Health and the Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies. Dr. Grodin has received a Humanism in Medicine Award for “compassion and empathy in the delivery of care to patients and their families.” He has delivered over 300 national and international addresses, written more than 200 scholarly papers, and edited or co-edited several books: The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code: Human Rights in Human Experimentation, Children as Research Subjects: Science, Ethics and Law, Meta-Medical Ethics: The Philosophical Foundations of Bioethics, and Health and Human Rights. Professor Grodin is presently working on a new book entitled Mad, Bad or Evil: Physician Involvement in Human Rights Abuses from Nazi Germany to the Former Yugoslavia.

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