Oxford University Press: The Politics of Immigrant and Refugee Health in the United States

Written by Michael Grodin, Sondra Crosby and George Annas

Abstract: Over 25 years of experience from the field have resulted in important lessons learned concerning how to best approach the multifaceted, complex treatment of immigrants and refugees. Continuing this work, it is important to educate medical communities about tried-and-true best practices and cultural sensitivity, as well as the integration of culturally-related practices in different clinical contexts. The medical model is inadequate to address the systematic challenges inherent in caring for displaced and traumatized populations. Beyond the clinical realm, systems are needed to advocate on behalf of immigrant and refugee communities using policy and law instruments; system-level intervention is the most effective way to address structural barriers to the highest possible standard of health and human rights.

To read the full chapter, please click here.

Chapter 13 from The Health of Refugees: Public Health Perspectives from Crisis to Settlement 

Second Edition

Edited by Pascale Allotey and Daniel Reidpath

Oxford University Press


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