Women’s March on Boston

On Saturday January 21st, coinciding with hundreds of marches nationwide, 175,000 citizens gathered in Boston Common for what is arguably the largest single day protest in
the history of the United States. It was a breathtaking sight as seas of people flooded the streets with signs where the creativity was only matched by the significance.
GLP was in attendance along with representatives of the Health and Human Rights Caucus of the Boston University School of Public Health.img_3220

The march was a tremendous event. What must follow is civic involvement, letters to representatives and congressmen, a public that closely examines arguments and policy and, most importantly, a public that votes.

Voices are powerful individually, but when coalitions are formed there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Going forward we need stay informed and constantly participate in social movements. Only then will we able to realize concepts like the right to health in our country.

Always remember, ‘women’s rights are human rights’.


And they will not be taken away without a unified fight.


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